re what do you think my speech final copy

re what do you think my speech final copy
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I agree with 7 and 8. When you actually present this, it might be too long. Also, consider how long even four minutes is to an audience. I suggest that you test it out on an audience, and also don’t forget to read and time it. There are some repetitive elements.
re what do you think my speech final copy

Since you changed the things I pointed out, of course I like it now :-D.  As far as the issue of what is “enough” in the way of comparisons, I’m afraid that I’m not able to help.  I didn’t make up the assignment so I don’t know what’s expected.  I also have never read the book…But this is, overall, very nicely written.  I’ve seen many, many speeches and essays that were nowhere near this good.  I hope it goes well.

My only suggestion would be to carefully read through the speech to think about what you could remove in terms of summary in order to concentrate more on the comparisons you make.  Is your audience familiar with the movie?  Will they need as much summary as you give in order to make sense?  Other than that it appears quite polished and certainly should fill four minutes.

I think this is very nicely done. I especially like that you have integrated some points of comparison throughout the paper. This is very thorough for a four minute presentation, and you incorporated many of the suggestions from your original thread very wisely.

I timed it: 4 minutes and 10 seconds! We’re allowed 10% leeway(24 seconds longer or shorter off 4 minutes).I mean, you must shorten the speech. But in general the speech good.

I timed it: 4 minutes and 10 seconds! We’re allowed 10% leeway (24 seconds longer or shorter off 4 minutes).

the speech good and clear. But I prefer if it was short. Because the listener will feel bored, if the speech was long. Good luck.

The concept of the search for identity is clearly evident in the Zemeckis’ film. Told in 3D, the film takes us on an introspective adventure of Ebenezer Scrooges life. Scrooge changes from an embittered aging miser, to a charitable man, a part of a community. Harley Matt changes as well, finding his identity and acquiring a sense of belonging when he and Carl joined the Duncan family. We are all constantly changing and engaging with unique experiences. Ebenezer Scrooge was reluctantly forced to embrace his identity, but he found it in the end._Thank you for any help that you can give! It’s hard to add much more, as the speech can only go for 4 minutes (around 700 words). Are there enough comparisons to Harley from A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove? Thank you again!

Finally, Scrooge is visited by the fearsome Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The spirit chases Scrooge in the form of a shadow, and casts a curse which shrinks Scrooge to a miniature size. Scrooge is therefore juxtaposed with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, through the use of high shot camera angles on Scrooge showing how insignificant he is, and low shot camera angles on the Ghost who is seen as powerful and terrifying. Dickens’ most powerful metaphor is turned into a literal interpretation having great effect on the viewer. The Ghost then shows Scrooge his dismal future of a lonely death, and makes Scrooge realise that he doesn’t want the future in which he is an avaricious miser. Scrooge’s journey for identity changed him from bad to good, because of the influence of the three ghosts. In A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove, Harley Matt, like Scrooge searched for his identity. As he learnt that his mother wasn’t coming back, therefore having very little guidance, he was confused about who he was. Harley vandalised Nugent’s Store and was obstructive in school as no one appreciated him, like Scrooge, who also had no family; nowhere where he belonged. It wasn’t until Joy Duncan arrived, in a similar role as the Christmas spirits were for Scrooge that Harley changed in a positive way and recognised who he was. This intertextual relationship between the two texts enhances and gives value to each text.Continued next paragraph.

Ebenezer Scrooge is the epitome of a tight-fisted miser, whose life is influenced by a desire for personal gain: he is too cheap to heat his office and too callous to care about the poor. Set in London in 1836, the film takes place on Christmas Eve, as Scrooge is visited by his nephew Fred, one of the foils of the film who highlights Scrooges characteristics, in a similar role as Joy Duncan was for Harley. Fred tries to celebrate the holiday with his uncle, but Scrooge indignantly replies:‘Idiots who go about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on their lips should be boiled with their own pudding!’  As Scrooge goes home that night, he is met by the Ghost of Christmas Past. The Ghost shows how he became the person he is, taking him on a personal flight through his own history; Scrooge is physically removed from the ground by the Ghost and flown through the air. Because the film is in 3D the audience can fly along with Scrooge. The Ghost shows Scrooge forgotten scenes of his difficult childhood, which awaken negative emotions within Scrooge, and make him think about the importance of being altruistic. Scrooge is then visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present, who shows how people view Scrooge: as a man who resembles an ‘ass’. Likewise, people view Harley in negative way, affecting how he views himself and the world. This spirit gives Scrooge self-awareness which assists in his search for identity.Continued next paragraph.