interviewing tom buchanan

interviewing tom buchanan
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If Tom Buchanan is older at the time of the interview, perhaps inquiring of him how he views his life would be interesting.  Is he satisfied? Does he have any regrets about his self-serving actions? What would he have done differently if able to go back in time? What is his opinion of Gatsby now?
interviewing tom buchanan

I would ask tom how could he have been unfaithful to a his loving wife. I would also ask him how he could send Wilson to Gatsby, knowing he was the one having an affair with Wilson’s wife. I would ask Tom if he ever truly loved Daisy. I would not expect to get honest answers because Tom was not an honest man.

I’d ask Tom if here had been afraid that Daisy would leave him for Gatsby. And I’d ask him if he still thought that he was justified in sending Wilson to Gatsby’s house (so that Wilson could take his revenge on Gatsby).Tom should be ashamed of scapegoating Gatsby, but he wasn’t ashamed when Nick asked him about it. I wonder what Tom’s response would be five years later.

I would probably ask Tom Buchanan how the strange events of five years ago affect him.  I do not really expect Tom to be open to me.  I suspect he would rather never think about it again.  I might begin by asking him if he remembers Gatsby.  I would then gauge his response, to see if he is going to actually talk to me.  Then I would ask him sympathetically for his side of the story.  You’d probably learn a lot from that.  I imagine he would color things to favor himself.